How EZZ FLOW Came Into Being

I've created a paint additive that does remarkable things to water-based paint. What I'm about to tell you is very exciting. When you add 7oz of Ezzflow to a gallon of paint, here are our findings:

- You will notice no drag on the brush or roller; it applies very smoothly. We estimate a 30% savings on paint and labor. Another unlikely benefit is the 80-90% odor reduction that occurs; OSHA would like to see the odor removed as it's harmful to painters.

- When using an airless sprayer with Ezzflow, you will see much less wear on the airless tips, allowing them to be used 10x longer than normal while using much less paint. 95% sticks to the wall upon application with little to no overspray, reducing labor and paint cost by 30%. You will also notice that your cleanup time is improved to 2/3 faster than before.

- Spiders can't climb anti-static walls, which means no spider webs in the house! We would like to find out if cockroaches can't climb antistatic walls because that would be a game-changer in apartments and restaurants. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year trying to eradicate pests like cockroaches throughout the world.

Here is where it gets really exciting: the end-user has a structure that is totally anti-static wherever the paint has been applied. This means that dust, pollen, and bacteria cannot be drawn to the house, leaving you with a room as fresh as mountain air. Whatever is blown into the house will not stay suspended but drops to the floors, reducing the possibility of disease transmission. Normally, in a large office setting, if one person gets sick, shortly after it spreads throughout the office. Ezflow greatly reduces that possibility.

This product is extremely cost-effective, and the rewards are endless. Another side benefit you will notice is that your air filters will not get as dirty, and you won't have to change them as often.