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Ezz Flow is an independently owned paint additive company that has been serving homeowners and other clients in Santa Maria and surrounding areas. We understand that it can be a challenge to find the time to paint, especially with the strong and unpleasant odor that it omits.  That’s why we are committed to providing a quality and trustworthy product that will exceed your expectations, without emptying your wallet. If you’re ready to paint free from those permeating odors, go ahead and grab a bottle of Ezz Flow today!

What is EzzFlow?

What are people saying about EzzFlow

"Following the instruction to mix 7 ounces of paint additive per gallon, my painting experience has transformed for the better. Here's what I've observed: the paint now covers 25% more area, leaving virtually no brush marks. Additionally, when using a roller, splatter is reduced by 50%, significantly cutting down on masking requirements. This alone has saved me about 10% of prep labor. Notably, my customers have also commented on the enhanced vibrancy of the paint's color. Overall, this paint additive has been a game-changer for me"